When you have a Filemail Business account you can keep your files available forever - no matter if you send or if you receive them from others. We call it the "long-term storage". To take advantage of it follow these steps:

  • Prepare your upload as usual
  • Click the "Send" button
  • In the transfer initialization popup choose "Forever" from the dropdown.
  • Hit "Send"
  • You are done - your files are stored forever on our servers and you can download them at any point in time (as long as you don't delete them on Sent page).

There is a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when using that feature:

  • Long-term storage is used when you decide to store files for more than 1 month. So choosing either "1 year" or "Forever" causes the files to occupy your long-term storage space.
  • Long-term storage is assigned to each user account. By default every user has 100 GB available for sent and received files - this storage space is free (included in the subscription price).
  • When you store long-term data above the 100GB limit we will apply a monthly fee according to our storage pricing
  • Note: to avoid filling up your storage you can always send files with shorter availability (up to 30 days) - these won't fill up your storage. 
  • You can always free up some space by deleting transfers that are available forever. Read more about cleaning up your storage.
  • If that still doesn't work for you - contact us and we'll suit your needs regarding additional storage space.

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