Filemail is a simple Web app where you select a file, type in someone's e-mail and click 'send'. The recipient gets a link and downloads your file. That’s it! There is no need to register and for basic usage, it is free.

We also offer a wide range of advanced options for more demanding users. They include special branded download pages for businesses, delivery tracking and more. There are also free mobile apps, e-mail client add-ons and some other bits that help you send files anytime, anywhere.

All data is transferred via our own infrastructure with dedicated servers around the world providing outstanding transfer speeds, high stability and excellent security. The company is located in Norway and conforms to some of the strictest privacy & data protection laws in the world.

Over 10 000 businesses and 50 million users trusted us so far! They chose us, because:

  • We transfer files of any size

  • We're faster and more hassle-free compared to sharing via cloud drives

  • We're simpler than uploading to file hosting services

  • We don't force people who receive your files to register anywhere or install anything (while we advise they do if the files are very big)

  • We integrate seamlessly with popular e-mail software

  • We offer better transfer speeds than other free services

  • We have a wide range of mobile apps and e-mail add-ons.

We hope you will enjoy Filemail too! Check out the various packages we offer.

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