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What is Filemail?
What is Filemail?

Find out what Filemail is, and the many services and products we offer

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What Is Filemail?

Filemail is a web platform that provides several apps and services with the capability to send and receive large files of any size. The basic premise is simple; select a file, type in someone's e-mail, and click 'send'. The recipient gets a link and downloads your file. That’s it!

For ad-hoc file transferring there is no need to register for our free file sharing service.

For more demanding users we offer a range of packages that can meet your file sharing needs.

All our packages come with:

For businesses, we also offer:

Business and Enterprise accounts can use our desktop-based file transfer apps for Windows and Macs with UDP transfer acceleration to achieve transfer rates not possible with a web browser.

All users of our platform, be they paying customers or otherwise can use our website, mobile apps, desktop apps, email client add-ons, and API to send files anytime, anywhere. Use the appropriate links below to find them:

We own and operate the required infrastructure with dedicated servers around the world to transfer your files. Globally distributed servers ensure your files will travel the shortest distance possible to reach the server nearest to your location. This results in outstanding transfer speeds, high stability, and excellent security.

This also means we store your data in your respective region. However, you can choose to store your files in a different region if you so desire.

Filemail, the company, is located in Norway and conforms to some of the strictest privacy & data protection laws in the world. We have been in operation for over 10 years, so are well established.

Over 10 000 businesses and 50 million users have trusted us so far! They chose us, because:

  • We transfer large files of any size.

  • We offer better transfer speeds than other free services, which often throttle their transfer rates.

  • We provide UDP transfer acceleration which is something most of our competitors don’t offer. The ones that do use the UDP transfer protocol, are far more expensive than us.

  • We don’t limit your ability to share files via such methods as limiting the number of recipients, number of downloads, or amount of bandwidth used. When we say unlimited, we mean (infinity sign).

  • We don’t force people who receive your files to register anywhere or install anything, although we recommend they do if the files are very big.

  • Businesses who want to receive large files can do so by letting their customers use their registered email address, thereby removing the restrictions on our free service.

  • We're faster and more hassle-free compared to sharing via cloud drives.

  • We're simpler than uploading to file hosting services.

  • We integrate seamlessly with popular e-mail software.

  • We have a wide range of desktop and mobile apps, as well as an e-mail add-on.

We hope you will enjoy Filemail too! Check out the various packages we offer.

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