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Google Workspace integration with Filemail
Google Workspace integration with Filemail

See how easy it is to use Single Sign-on (SSO) with Google Workspace and Filemail.

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Remember that you can only enable Google Workspace integration if you are an administrator of the workspace and have a Filemail Administrator account.

If your current subscription plan includes it, you will have an option called "Single Sign-on" in the settings menu at

Before we enable SSO in Filemail, go to you Google Workspace at and click "Manage Domain Wide Delegations"

Next, click "Add New"

In "Client ID" you need to add Filemail's ID which is: 117709864627567366616

The three scopes to be added are (add one line at the time):

Click the "Authorize" button and you are all set for this part!

Now, go to "Single Sign-on" page in the settings menu at and click the "Use single sign-on" and select "Google Workspace" in the drop down.

After this is selected, you should see a button with "Sign in with Google"

Click this, select the appropriate account and allow Filemail to log you in.

After this step, you should have the Workspace ID, Administrator e-mail and a list of domains associated with your Workspace automatically filled out.

Hit save and you are all set up!

Any user that belongs to your organization (and belong to a certain group, if specified) can now log in to Filemail using the "Login with Google" button on the login page given that you have an available license in the subscription.

Convert existing user accounts

Any users that you have already added in your organization will after the Google Workspace integration is complete, be able to use the "Sign-in with Google" button on the login page. The first time they do this, their account will be converted from a normal Filemail account, to a Workspace account, and you as an administrator will see the following icon next to their name in the user list:

Limit access to users belonging to a Google Workspace Group

You can limit access to only workspace users in one or more groups. Add these under SSO settings at

The Group ID to add can be found here, when viewing a group in Workspace Admin:

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