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Integrating the Filemail download widget into WIX
Integrating the Filemail download widget into WIX

Here's how you integrate the download page into WIX

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  1. Create a WIX page and add a custom element

  2. Position and size the element according to your needs.

  3. Right-click the element and choose "Set attributes"

  4. Enter 2 attributes

    1. id: set it to some unique identifier of your choice. In this demo it will be "filemail-downloader-demo"

    2. data-filemail-widget: set it to "downloader"

  5. Close the modal, double-click the element choose "Velo file" in Element Settings, and attach an empty JS file (you can create a new file if needed, this option will be available directly in the file selector). This step is just to empty the custom element before Filemail is initialized.

  6. Save your changes.

  7. Head over to Settings -> Custom Code and add custom code to the Head of your new page. Here is the snippet:

    <script async src=""></script>
    (function {
    function ready(fn){var d=document;(d.readyState=='loading')?d.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded',fn):fn();}
    ready(function () {

    Please note #filemail-downloader-demo that matches the id attribute of your custom element.

  8. Here are some screens from this process.

  9. Publish your page and visit it - you should see the downloader initialized.

  10. Click the Preview button to see a demo transfer embedded in this page.

  11. Go to - and type in the URL of the WIX page you just created.

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