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How to create a file request using Filemail
How to create a file request using Filemail

Send file requests to others when you need to collect files from one or multiple sources.

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Use the File Request feature to send requests to people you want to receive files from, while also tracking who has responded to, and sent you files.

To start a new File Request, open the menu and select "Receive files"

On the "Receive files" page you have two ways to receive files from others through Filemail.

  1. By File Request (covered in this article)

  2. By sharing your custom subdomain with required recipients. (read more)

Now, let's create a new File Request!

Start by setting up the File Request with a title and description that will be visible to both the requester and recipients. Click "Create" button when you are ready.

After creating the request, you need to choose how you want to share this request with recipients. You can choose to let Filemail send the request (do this for the best tracking!) or you can share a link yourself through any channel you choose.

Write the e-mail addresses of your recipients, and click share. Don't worry about copying the link for now as you can easily also find this later if needed.

You can now see your request in the File Request page and e-mails have been sent to your recipients. Example e-mail received by recipient:

The recipients will be taken to a dedicated page for uploading files to this request where they add their files

If you as a requester click the File request you created for "Project October" you will see a small dashboard for the request, listing which of the recipients have submitted files and also easy access to download all files received.

That's all. Just remember that if you want to change something, deactivate the request or get the general link to share in other channel for the specific file request, just click the edit button on the request and you will get these options:

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