File Storage Overview

Learn all about storing files with Filemail - the new way

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File Storage Overview

Based on extensive user feedback, Filemail has fine tuned the approach on storage. We try to make it simple and cheap for our users 😊

  • All transfers count towards total storage usage - no matter if they expire in a few days or if they are permanent

  • Each PRO account gets 1TB of storage space

  • Each user on a BUSINESS plan gets 1TB of storage space

  • Each user on an ENTERPRISE plan gets 5TB of storage space

  • Storage space is counted per user - so in a BUSINESS plan with 3 users in a company each user gets 1TB of storage. This space cannot be shared across users.

Nice to know

  • Each user gets a very quick overview of used storage in a dropdown menu in the top bar (just hover your mouse over your account name) and also on the settings page.

  • Company admins on BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE plans will have overview of all users and their current usage, with the possibility to clean up (delete) selected transfers.

  • All BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE users can store permanent data (i.e. data that never expire) exactly as before. These files will permanently occupy space on the account of the sender (or receiver - in case of Incoming files).

  • When a user stores more data than current storage limit - this user won’t be able to send or receive more transfers.

  • In order to free up storage space a user needs to either delete transfers (via Inbox or Outbox) or wait until they expire (it’s also possible to adjust expiration date of each transfer).

  • When users need to store data above their current limit the Filemail account must be upgraded to a higher plan. When the account is on an ENTERPRISE plan already and there is need to store more than 5TB per user - please contact us at

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