To make sure our service is as smooth and also as secure as possible, we create a .zip files if you upload multiple files. It gives you the fastest upload possible, and the recipients an equally fast way of downloading the transfer. It doesn't matter what size the files individually are, it's just a fact that when you use our app to upload more than one file at a time a .zip file will be created.

Opening transfers (especially those larger than 4GB) is a feature that's proven to be difficult for the built-in apps of both Windows and Mac. To open them, the program opening the archive needs to support Zip64 archives, and not all the apps do. 

Luckily, we have a solution for you! There's a different app to unzip your ginormous .zip file available for both Windows and MacOS.

  • On Windows we recommend using WinRar, which is free. It supports all common compression formats such as ZIP and RAR.
  • For Mac we recommend Keka - it's free and works a lot better than the built in Archive Utility on macOS. 

After installing one of these apps, please ensure you open your zip file with this program and not the one already installed on your device. 

So, long story short; Download the unzipping program that's suitable for your computer and you should be great, no matter how large the transfer is.

Hot tip: It has come to our attention that Windows 10's default extractor doesn't recognise question marks in file names, so it just ignores them and doesn't extract them. Using 7-Zip will solve this problem.

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