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I am getting slow download speed
I am getting slow download speed
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I Am Getting Slow Download Speed

Download speed is based on multiple factors, of which, only some can Filemail address. Filemail server locations, traffic conditions, transfer protocol, your maximum internet speed as governed by your ISP, to name but 4 factors.

Filemail servers: are present in Central Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, and across the USA. Datacenters have core networking supplied by Level3 (2x10 GBit), Deutsche Telecom (2x10 GBit), and Global Crossings (2x10 GBit).

Transfer protocol: if you are downloading using a web browser; the protocol used will be TCP, a common but slower protocol. Our file transfer desktop apps use both TCP and UDP for much faster transfer rates.

Here is how to use it;

  1. Install our desktop-based file transfer apps available for Windows and Mac.

  2. Make sure the desktop app is running.

  3. Return to your browser window and click on the big green Download button. The download will be handled by Desktop which will accelerate the download


The up-and-download speed depends on your internet service as well - you can check your speed on sites like: to compare the speed you are getting with Filemail with the one you should get.

Take into account that Speed Test will typically use a server near your location so it will only deal with local traffic conditions. Traffic conditions locally and further afield is something we can’t do anything about.

When making an inquiry about download speeds - please send us the following information:

  • Test your bandwidth at and let us know what speeds you are getting here

  • Tell us what speed you are getting with Filemail

  • Tell us your location

  • Send us the URL to the download page

You can also test the download speed of some Filemail servers by downloading the 1GB testfile from different locations below:

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