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Free file sharing service
Free file sharing service

You can use Filemail for free with some limitations. Here are the details.

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Free File Sharing Service

You can use our free file sharing service with no need to register. Limitations are, you can only:

1. Send files of up to 5 GB only per transfer

2. Two file transfers a day

3. Shared files are stored for a maximum 7 days, after which they are deleted

You can send larger files with a paid account. The maximum size depends on the account type:

1. Pro account - send up to 25 GB per transfer

2. Business - unlimited file size

3. Enterprise Managed File Transfer - unlimited file size

We recommend using our desktop apps when sending or downloading files. You’ll get a more stable connection, and faster transfer rates compared to using a web browser. The apps are free to download so give it a try.

Please note, the free service is not available in certain regions.

Filemail plans and pricing options

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