Refund Policy

Explains the cancellation and refund policy of Filemail

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What are Filemails refund policies?

General refund policy

Filemail accounts are paid for up-front. If you only need an account for a few months, then we recommend signing up for an Account on a monthly basis.

By signing up for a yearly account you save 16.5% compared to the monthly plan. We can give out this rebate since you have committed to be our customer for a period of 1 year, as opposed to 1 month. This also means that we cannot make a pro rated refund during the year that is paid for.

If you downgrade we only charges you a prorated amount the next time you are billed for your new plan.

Canceling an account
You can cancel your subscription at anytime. We do not make a prorated refund - we simply leave the account open for as long as you have paid for.

Unused account
We do not keep track of how much/little you use your Filemail Account. This is entirely up to you. Little or no use of a Filemail account does not qualify for a refund.



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