If you are having problems downloading files:

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet - does www.google.com work for you?
  • Can you download other files - from other sites? If no - then it is probably a security setting on your computer/network.
  • Try to another browser. Google Chrome is the best there is. www.google.com/chrome
  • If the file is above 1gb or takes a long time to download - we recommend to use Filemail Downloader. This is a Download Manager which is able to download and resume large files - despite network issues. You can also use it to download files from other sites as well!
  • If download speed is the problem - check what speed you are getting on www.speedtest.net. Contact if if the speeds vary a lot - we'd like to know!
  • Also note that iOS devices (iPhones/iPads) don't support downloading files at all. This is not a limitation on our side - but a lame design decision on Apple's side. Get an Android device instead of you need to keep files on your tablet/phone.

Filemail Downloader

Download at www.filemail.com/apps

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