Installation instructions

  1. Install NodeJS v16 (nodejs v14 is NOT supported)

  2. Install Filemail CLI using NPM with following commands

    npm install -g filemail-cli
    filemail upload testFile.txt -u

Available commands (run filemail -h to learn more)

Usage: filemail-cli [options] [command]

CLI for sending files to

-V, --version output the version number
-h, --help display help for command

login [options] <username> Login to Filemail API and get login token.
logout <logintoken> Logout from Filemail API and destroy login token.
upload [options] <files...> Upload files to
help [command] display help for command

All supported upload options (run filemail upload -h to learn more)

Usage: filemail-cli upload [options] <files...>

Upload files to

files Space separated list of files to be sent

-u, --username <string> Your username from Ignored if logintoken option is present.
-p, --password <string> Your password for your username from If not provided then CLI prompts for it which is a recommended method for now. Please note that providing
an open text password as the CLI option should be considered insecure. It is planned to introduce a configuration file in future releases where it will be
possible to specify the password. Ignored if logintoken option is present.
-l, --logintoken <string> Your logintoken from API.
-t, --to <string> Email address of the recipient.
-f, --from <string> Email address of the sender.
-s, --subject <string> Transfer subject.
-m, --message <string> Transfer message.
-n, --notify <boolean> Get email notification every time a file is downloaded.
-c, --confirmation <boolean> Get email confirmation after the files have been successfully sent.
-d, --days <number> Specifies for how many days the transfer should be available to download. Defaults to account setting if not specified.
--no-progress-bar Hide upload progress bar
-h, --help display help for command

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