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Pre-populating main Filemail uploader
Pre-populating main Filemail uploader

You can set default values for all fields on the front page uploader

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Pre-Populating Main Filemail Uploader

Our file uploader can be pre-filled with custom values. You can do it by adding the following query parameters to the browser URL bar:

  • from

  • to

  • message

  • subject

Parameter values must be URL- encoded.

Example 1:

If you want to pre-fill with the following values:

You would add the following query parameters to the browser URL, like so:

Example 2:

You can send to more than one receiver as shown in the following example:

Note: the field "from" can be set only when you are not logged into Filemail. When you are logged in - the email you used as the login, is always used as the "from" email.

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