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Pre-populating upload form
Pre-populating upload form

You can set default values for all fields on the "receive files" upload form

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When people go to your "Receive files" page they get an upload form, which is highly customizable. In addition to built-in fields (From, To, Message, Subject) you can specify any number of additional fields, which will be attached to the received package. This can be done here:

It is also possible to populate all fields of that form dynamically using query string of the "Receive files" page. Example URL to populate built-in fields:

So the keys you can use are "from", "to", "subject" and "message".

For custom fields the formula is:

  1. Take the custom field label, remove all characters except letters and numbers - this gives you the query string key.ย 

  2. For textboxes: supply the desired text as the query string value.

  3. For checkboxes, drop down lists and radio buttons: as query string value specify index of the value that should be selected. If you want to select multiple checkboxes provide multiple indexes separated with a comma (,)

Advanced example:
Let's assume you have custom fields setup as on this screenshot:

To populate "My custom TEXT 1":

  1. Query string key: "My custom TEXT 1" --> "MycustomTEXT1"

  2. Query string value: "My custom text"

To populate other fields:

  1. To check both checkboxes: query string key is "MycustomCHECKBOX2" and query string value is "1,2"

  2. To select 3rd radio button option: query string key is "MycustomRADIOBUTTON3" and query string value is "3"

  3. To select 2nd option in dropdown: query string key is "MycustomDROPDOWN4" and query string value is "2"

Full URL that populates those 4 custom fields:

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