Who downloaded the file?
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Who Downloaded The File?

With Filemail you get download tracking when someone downloads one or more files that you have sent. You will get an e-mail telling you the following information:

  • Which file was downloaded

  • DateTime stamp for when it was downloaded

  • IP address and location where it was downloaded

  • E-mail address of the person downloading it (Pro/Business only)

It is optional to receive these notification, just untick this box when sending files through the website:

Depending on what subscription plan you are on, you could also set the default value for this in "My profile" here:

Note that the location of downloads are not 100% accurate since they are IP based.
โ€‹Also note that a recipient might have downloaded the file on multiple devices (with multiple IP addresses) - and they might also have forwarded the URL to the download page to other people which are also downloading.

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