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Problems uploading
Problems uploading
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Steps To Take If You Have Problems Uploading Files

If you have problems uploading files, we recommend that you give the following suggestions a try:

  • Use a different browser: We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge. We still support Internet Explorer 11 and it works reasonably well, however we strongly encourage upgrading to Edge for a number of reasons - including security and technology incompatibilities.

  • Use Filemail Desktop! This is the most robust way of sending files - and it also supports sending folders. Grab it here:

  • Make sure the files you are sending are not opened in another program and that they are located on a local hard drive.

  • Be careful and do not remove or rename the files that are currently being uploaded. Doing so will break upload of removed or renamed files.

  • Try to send some other files - just to see if these are uploaded correctly.

  • Restart pc/mac and also router/firewall. You'd be amazed how many times this resolves the problem.

If you still have trouble, please contact support and explain your problem.

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