My upload failed
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Solutions To Try If Your Upload Failed

If you have problems uploading files, we recommend the following things:

  • Use a different browser: We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Apple Safari. IE also works reasonably well as long as Silverlight and/or flash is installed.

  • Use Filemail Desktop! This is the most robust way of sending files - and it also supports sending folders. Grab our desktop app.

  • Restart pc/mac and also router/firewall. You'd be amazed how many times this resolves the problem.

  • Disable Firewall/Antivirus software – if that has been installed.

  • Make sure the files you are sending are not opened in another program

  • If files are located on a network drive - then try to copy them to your Desktop - and send them from there.

  • Try to send some other files - just to see if these are uploaded

If you still have trouble, please contact support and explain your problem. We'll be happy to assist!

PS! We love people that attach screenshots when reporting problems to us :)

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