Our free mobile apps are a perfect solution for moving large videos, picture collections or other files from your smartphone or tablet to your family, friends and any other recipients, including your other devices. The apps are simple and they have a "Wi-fi only" option in case you need to protect your mobile data cap from getting used up!

Start by installing an iOS or Android version of the app. While both versions have slight cosmetic differences, the basics remain the same:

  1. Start the app. You can now log in to your existing Filemail account or skip the login to use our free service instead.

  2. Click "attach files" and select anything you wish to send.

  3. Provide e-mails of recipients, message subject and text (optional).

  4. Click "Send".

  5. You might be asked whether the app should only use WiFi connections to send your files, in case you have a small mobile data cap.

  6. Your upload will now commence. As soon as it's done, all recipients are going to receive a download link in their e-mail.

That's it! See the video below for some additional insight (even if the user interface has changed quite a bit since the video was released)

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