At Filemail we are very serious about data storage - since it is the core of our service. Here are the three main aspects which we focus on:

  • Security
    We keep your data secure on our servers, proteceted by top-notch network infrastructure. All the data transfer is encrypted with SSL/TLS protocols. We own and control the physical hardware where your files are stored - no third parties are involved in this process.

  • Transparency
    If you have a Business subscription you can control where your data is stored. Simply navigate to and choose which of our data centers should host your data. We have servers in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.

  • Performance
    If you choose to keep your data within United States or Europe - we still have multiple data centers in each of those regions which means that you will be assigned to the fastest possible server when sending files. But that's not all - we will also synchronize the data to other data centers in that region in order to provide your clients the best download speeds possible.

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