At Filemail we do our best to meet all kinds of needs (at least when it comes to sending files). If you keep wondering which account is right for you, simply ask yourself a few questions!

Do you send bigger files rarely? Are you using Filemail for private purposes only? If so, you can simply stick to our free service!

Are you often sharing large HD videos, picture collections or any other big files with your friends or co-workers? Maybe you're a musician, photographer, graphic designer or any other user who deals with large files each day? Your best bet is probably a subscription (just $9/mo).

Are you dealing with a large volume of incoming and outgoing data all the time? Do you want your clients to use a special page with your branding to upload or download their files? Do you want your links to stay up for months? Are you interested in integrating our file uploader into your website or web app? Do you want to send via secured HTTPS connection or need our great tech support on the standby? Business account is your best bet (just 15$/mo).

The full breakdown of features and prices can be found here:

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