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File Transfer Rate
Increasing transfer speeds on macOS
Increasing transfer speeds on macOS

Helps resolve slow transfer speeds for Filemail Desktop on OS X macOS

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2020: This software no longer necessary - but it won't hurt installing it either

Filemail Desktop uses the UDP protocol which accelerates transfer speeds. This works flawlessly on Windows and Linux - but on macOS there is a system setting that acts as a bottleneck for transfer speeds. The setting prevents Filemail Desktop (or any application for that matter) to send UDP packages larger than 9400 bytes.

Luckily - it's easy to fix. You can run sudo sysctl -w net.inet.udp.maxdgram=65536 yourself, but restarting your mac will reset the setting again.

So we created a small macOS application that adjusts this value permanently.

Download it here

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